About P & L Machine Company

P & L Machine Company is an engineering services company that provides precision machined parts and assemblies for prototype and production. The Company has been in business for over 35 years. Our company's goal is to be a great partner to our customer's engineering and manufacturing teams. P & L's customers include established and developing companies in medical & scientific instruments, high voltage engineering, and other scientific and technical fields.

We view ourselves as a service organization. In addition to supplying precision machined parts, we look to support your engineering and manufacturing teams with our technical and management capabilities.

  • For Engineering
    We understand the importance of product development schedules and prioritize our schedules accordingly. Our software tools are current so we can take part files directly from your development process improving our accuracy and reducing cycle times.
  • For Manufacturing
    We will assemble parts that we make for you into complete sub-assemblies to reduce your manufacturing overhead. We will work with your manufacturing engineers to improve manufacturability of a part and reduce costs.
  • For Purchasing
    Our management systems allow us to support both Kanban and consignment methods of inventory management. Our ERP system keeps track of part inventory levels to insure that we have sufficient product available to meet your needs.
  • For all
    We communicate. Whether we need information or have information to deliver, good or bad, we will do so directly and accurately.
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
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